Dolphins Strand Feeding

Dolphins sometimes work together during feeding. They use a variety of cooperative methods to entrap their prey.

Seabrook is one of the few places in the world where they perform a technique called strand feeding.

From the National Wildlife Federation:

In the salt marshes of the southeastern United States, bottlenose dolphins use a wide variety of foraging behaviors. They frequently follow shrimp trawlers, diving down to the sandy bottom to catch fish and invertebrates disturbed by nets dragged behind the boats. They also circle shrimp boats at anchor, waiting for fishermen to toss unwanted fish overboard. It is not uncommon to see as many as 30 dolphins behind a single shrimp trawler, feeding on bycatch tossed overboard.

The most spectacular foraging behavior, however, is strand feeding, which usually involves one to six dolphins corralling a school of fish in a tidal creek at or around low tide. Working cooperatively and using echolocation to monitor their prey in the turbid, murky waters, the dolphins circle the fish, herding them into a tighter school and toward a gently sloping mud bank. Then, with a sudden burst of speed, the dolphins create a bow wave that throws the fish up out of the water and onto the mud bank. Using their excellent above-water eyesight, the dolphins scoop up the fish. For reasons still obscure to science, they always strand on their right sides, and, over time, the teeth on the right sides of their jaws wear down from taking in as much abrasive mud as fish.
[More on strand feeding from NWF here]

Photo by Ed Konrad

Volunteer – Kiawah Seabrook Exchange Club

Organization Name: Kiawah-Seabrook Exchange Club

Volunteer Tasks Include: The Exchange Club sells advertisements in the Handbook/Directory that is published every year and is distributed to 7,500 property owners. The net proceeds averaging about $115,000 are donated to charitable organizations and youth and education programs on Johns Island and Wadmalaw Island. Our members sell the ads, place flags on certain holidays and volunteer on child abuse prevention programs and other community service organizations.

Mission of the Organization:Community Service, Youth and Education, Child Abuse Prevention and Americanism

Organization Contact and E-Mail/Phone: Roger Steel,, 843-768-7166

Seabrook Contact: Same as above

Volunteer: Adopt-a-Highway

Organization Name: Adopt-A-Highway

Volunteer Tasks Include: Remove litter from the Betsy Kerrison Parkway four times a year.

Mission of the Organization: To Help Keep America Beautiful through volunteer litter pickup, while protecting the environment and providing a welcoming approach to residents and visitors to Seabrook Island.

Seabrook Contact: Mary Torello,

Volunteer: Edmondston-Alston House

Organization Name: Edmondston-Alston House (administered by Middleton Place Foundation)

Volunteer Tasks Include: Conducting guided tours on the first and second floor. It’s a great way to learn about the history of Charleston, while imparting your new-found knowledge and enthusiasm to visitors. All guides will receive a reciprocal pass for them and one guest to visit other attractions in the area.

Mission of the Organization: To interpret the history of the house and the families who lived here. Constructed in 1825, the house commands a magnificent view of Charleston Harbor. From its piazza, General P. T. Beauregard watched the fierce bombardment of Ft. Sumter on April 12, 1861, signaling the start of the Civil War. And on December 11 of the same year, the house gave refuge to General Robert E. Lee the night a wide-spreading fire threatened his safety in a Charleston hotel.

Address: 21 East Battery, Charleston 29401

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Category: Education, Other (Historical)

Organization Contact and E-Mail/Phone: Marguerite Getz, 722-7171,

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Volunteer: Sweetgrass Garden

Organization Name:
Sweetgrass Garden

Volunteer Tasks: Each Saturday morning from about 8:30AM until noon, we plant, fertilize, compost, weed, and pick produce. Depending on the season, we may mow the lawn, prune blueberry bushes, rake the pecan tree leaves, or tend the honeybees in our hives. No need to call ahead, just show up. You will find Dale or Jennifer there organizing the crew. If you decide to join us of a morning, please wear sturdy shoes and socks, work gloves and a hat! You can call me, if you wish, on my mobile at 843-270-0889. I hope to see you there! Dale

Organization Mission: The mission of Sweetgrass Garden 501(c)3 is to provide food for the poor and the hungry. In our four years of operation we have provided hundreds of pounds of produce to local food pantries and outreach services. The majority of our donations of fresh produce have gone to the Lowcountry Food Bank to serve children in Title 1 schools hot meals during summer school and afternoon programs. We have provided thousands of pounds of produce to this end. Now we would like to expand our efforts to more directly serve the needs of the hungry on Johns Island and Wadmalaw Island.

Located: Off-island

Organization Address:3151 Plow Ground Road Johns Island, SC 29455

Web URL: Facebook Sweetgrass Garden Charleston –

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Volunteer: Hospice of Charleston

Organization Name: Hospice of Charleston

Volunteers tasks: Respite for caregivers run errands, read to the patient, mow lawns

Organization Mission: To Provide Compassionate Care to those we serve during the end of life’s journey through our commitment to clinical excellence and uncompromising service

Located: Off-island

Organization Address: 4975 Lacross Rd. Suite 200 N Charleston, SC 29406

Other: End of life Journey

Contact: (name/phone/email): Freeda Mullins,, 843-266-3489

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Volunteer: Charleston Friends of the Library

Organization Name: Charleston Friends of the Library
Volunteers Tasks: Book Sale volunteers; especially That BIG Book Sale
Organization Mission: The Charleston Friends of the Library is a nonprofit organization that supports and advocates for the Charleston County Public Library system.
Located: Off-island
Organization Address: 68 Calhoun Street
Web URL: http://www.charlestonlibraryfriends.orgCategory: 

Contact:(name/phone/email): Emily Everett, 843-805-6882,

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Volunteer: Fields to Families

Organization Name: Fields to Families

Volunteers Tasks: Come out to the farm and help harvest fresh produce for those in need. Support us by donating on-line and/or coming to our annual Oyster Roast! Fill out our volunteer application on our website to get e-mails with weekly opportunities.

Organization Mission: The mission of Fields to Families is to help increase nutrition and ease hunger by coordinating the distribution of fresh produce obtained from local gardens and farms to nonprofit organizations that feed the hungry.

Located: Off-island

Organization Address: PO Box 21117 Charleston, South Carolina 29413

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Contact (name/phone/email): Sasha Coyle,

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Volunteer: Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol

Organization Name: Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol

Volunteers Tasks: Walk one of the 4 zones of the beach one day weekly from May 10 to October at 7:00 AM or before. Training is in April before the season.

Organization Mission: Protect the sea turtles and their nests. To educate our owners and visitors about the turtles and how they can help us protect them.

Located: On-island

Organization Address: 1116 Summer Wind Lane Johns Island, SC 29455

Web URL:


Contact on Seabrook Island (name/phone/email) Beautsie Zahrn, 843-768-1053,