Candidate Information

We Need YOU!  Volunteerism is the engine that runs Seabrook Island. Where would we be without the talented Board and Committee volunteers who give their time to benefit our beautiful island?

Starting today, your SIPOA Nominating Committee is calling for nominees for the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee, respectively. We hope you will consider submitting your name.

For the SIPOA Board there are four three-year terms available this year and for the Nominating Committee, there are two two-year terms available.

Applications are due by September 19th.

What is the time commitment?
Board members are usually assigned to two committees and therefore must devote a minimum of three days a month to meetings. Note To Part-time residents: don’t think this precludes you from serving. Several of our current Board members “attend” the Board meeting remotely when they travel; using conference calls, Skype or web conferencing. These technological advancements make it possible for any and every Seabrooker to volunteer.

The Nominating Committee begins meeting in early spring and is most active mid-summer through fall.  The Committee meets monthly during that period for organizational purposes and candidate interviews. Candidate interviews take place over a course of a one-two week stretch in October, so potential Committee members should be available that month.

To submit your name:

  1. Review the appropriate candidate selection guidelines and our Vision and Core Values Statement.  We also suggest you review the 2016 Strategic Plan:

Vision and Core values

Candidate Selection Guidelines Board

Candidate Selection Guidelines Nominating

  1. When you are ready, submit your profile form.

To apply online:

Printable Paper Forms (to be returned to the SIPOA office):

Paper copies are also available for pickup at the SIPOA if you prefer.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact your 2016 Nominating Committee. Their names and email addresses are listed below.

Greg Henry

Steven Bottcher

Kathleen Buchman

Ellen Coughlin

Skip Crane