Owner Login FAQ


SIPOA’s ABDI gate access software went live in February 2018. Detailed information regarding the changes and system log-in information was mailed to all owners in January, however the SIPOA Office is still receiving many questions each day about how to use the system, and how this change affects other behind-the-login components, such as meeting minutes and the owner’s address book. Here are the most frequently asked questions.

1. I’ve lost/didn’t receive the information letter sent to all owners in January 2018. How can I get the information?
Information letters were sent to the primary mailing address on file for each property in early January. If you didn’t receive the letter and instructions, please contact us to verify we have your most current information. You can contact us at 843.768.0061 or receptionist@sipoa.org.

2. I don’t know my verbal passcode/I received my verbal passcode but want to change it.
Contact the SIPOA office at 843.768.0061 or receptionist@sipoa.org.

3. Will my old SIPOA logins work with the new gate access system?
No. For your first login to www.gateaccess.net you must use the temporary user name and password that will allow you access to the system.

4. Where are meeting minutes?
You can still view community documents (minutes, agendas, etc.) behind the owner’s login, by scrolling down right on the home screen you see when you first log in.

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