More Information on Proxy Appointment

  1. Property Owners are encouraged to return this Proxy Appointment Form, even if they are planning to attend the Annual Meeting. A quorum is necessary to conduct business and returning the Proxy Appointment Form is the best way to ensure a quorum.
  2. If you have named another individual “Property Owner in Good Standing” (defined as not being more than 30 days delinquent in the payment of any obligation owed to SIPOA), the proxy will cast your votes as you have indicated on this Proxy Appointment Form and if you do not indicate specific votes, the proxy you have named may vote as he/she prefers on the Candidates and Question(s). To facilitate the vote count, we ask that you send your proxy to the SIPOA office as noted herein, and the SIPOA staff will notify your designated proxy.
  3. If you attend the Annual Meeting and wish to vote in person, you may do so by revoking this Proxy Appointment Form during the registration period immediately preceding the start of the meeting and obtaining a meeting ballot. Proxy appointments may not be revoked once the meeting has been called to order.
  4. All Proxy votes shall be confidential, whether cast by Property Owners or cast by proxies (with the exception of proxy votes cast in an open vote at the Annual Meeting). Only the SIPOA Elections Committee members who need to view the votes for tallying purposes shall have the ability to view the individual votes and shall hold such information in strict confidence.