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The Value of Volunteers to Seabrook Island
Joint Communications Committees of the Seabrook Island Club and Seabrook Island Property Owners Association

Seabrook Island ­ Make It Uniquely Yours.  Many of the property owners on Seabrook Island choose to do this by volunteering their time and talents to the Town, Seabrook Island Property Owners Association (SIPOA) and Seabrook Island Club (Club), the entities that help make our island such a successful community. One of the things that make Seabrook Island UNIQUE is that we are owned and governed by our property owners/residents. This article is about our VOLUNTEERS, who are a key element of this governance.  The total success of Seabrook Island is attributable to our volunteers and our highly professional paid staff.

The Club has twelve Committees that help guide operations and future planning. Collectively, the Committees comprise about 100 volunteers donating their time and energy to the current and future wellbeing of the Club.

Club  Committees  
Equestrian Finance
Operations Long Range Planning
Communications Golf
Recreation Membership
Nominating House
Tennis Social

The SIPOA has ten Committees and many Sub‐Committees that cover a wide variety of issues important to the community. Collectively, there are also about 100 volunteers.

SIPOA Committees  
Activities Operations & Maintenance
ARC Legal
Communications Long Range Planning
Environmental Nominating
Finance Safety & Security

In total, Seabrook Island volunteers donate countless hours a year in support of our island. Not only do they save the Club and SIPOA salary and benefits, their contributions guide the future course and success of Seabrook Island.

The talent and experience of our Seabrook Island volunteers are very broad and deep. The past professional lives of our volunteers range from CEO’s and small business owners to medical, legal and educational professionals to retired military personnel.  Consequently, we have resident expertise in key business disciplines such as finance, marketing, engineering, manufacturing, advertising, and human resources.

Seabrook Island is unique among island residential communities in that it is completely self‐governed.

Seabrook Island has no developer involved in our planning and future.  The Town is responsible for Seabrook Island’s relationships outside of our gate (State, County, etc.).  The SIPOA and Club are responsible entirely for what happens inside the gate.

The three entities coordinate their efforts through a Leadership Committee consisting of the President and Vice President of the SIPOA and Club along with the Mayor and a representative from Town Council.  The Visibility Committee also crosses all entities, including Seabrook Island Real Estate (a subsidiary of the Club).  The Visibility Committee coordinates a consistent message of how Seabrook Island presents itself to the outside world as a single community.

In addition to our volunteers, Seabrook Island has a highly qualified paid professional staff that effectively manages the day‐to‐day operations of the island.  They work in partnership with the volunteer leadership to help ensure an extremely solid financial condition on all fronts.  Plans are in place at the SIPOA and Club for ongoing, future capital spending with established reserve plans to maintain the beauty of our top‐quality facilities and amenities.  In addition, preparedness plans are in place to deal with major disasters (hurricanes) should they occur.

Are you a property owner/resident of Seabrook Island interested in this important opportunity to contribute and give back to your island?  Volunteer forms are included in the Annual Meeting packets that are mailed to every property owner in advance of the February meetings.  Additional information on governance and committee involvement is available on the SIPOA and Club web sites. 

We should all be thankful for the time, talent and contributions of our all of our volunteers.